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Top best Bidet Converter Kit in 2022

Hygiene is the best way to keep yourself safe from different kinds of diseases and skin allergies. If you keep yourself clean you would be less likely to get these things. A bidet converter kit is a thing that you can use in your washrooms to keep yourself clean. As you guys know toilet paper doesn’t wipe everything from your skin as water does. Water kills many bacterias present in your private parts. That’s why I have gathered information related to a bidet that can protect you. Let’s move to the details.

What is a bidet converter kit?

You can find different kits in the market and by using different techniques you can convert your existing washroom into a bidet. Three things can help you in this regard.

1- Electric bidet seat

If you opt for this option then you will get all the technologies that a bidet contains. The seats are designed in such a way that you get a seat as well as a bidet.

2- Attachment:

You can install an appliance below the seat that your washroom already has. You don’t need to replace anything that is why its name is attached.

3- Non-electric bidet seat:

In this option, you have to change your current seat and at that place, a bidet toilet seat would be installed.

Types of the best bidet

  • Cold water non-electric kits

In the attachments, you don’t need to renew your washroom without replacing anything you can install. This bidet converter kit cleans automatically. The best thing about it is that the nozzle is nicely handled with a guard gate and it doesn’t spread water when you are not using it which makes it more hygienic.

  • LUXE Neo 110

If we talk about 110 bidets then it is basic of all. You can use it as a handheld sprayer which is present inside the toilet. In this kit, you won’t get an extra nozzle or guard gate which means it is less hygienic for females as it does not have the option of self-cleaning. 

  • LUXE Neo 120

It is the same bidet converter kit as 110 but in this kit, you will get a self-cleaning nozzle. But you won’t get a second nozzle that can take care of female hygiene. It contains an extra knob that is for a self-cleaning nozzle. You just have to dial it and water will start to clean you in just a few seconds.

  • LUXE Neo 185

If you are looking for attachments that provide you front cleansing through dual nozzles then opt for this option. You have to turn the knob either on the left or right side so that your both frontal cleansing and nozzle rinsing options will start to work.

  • Brondell ecoseat S101

If you have round or elongated toilets and you want nonelectric seats then this bidet converter kit is for you. It has two cleaning options and is less common because it is costly. But one advantage of this seat is that it doesn’t splash water and the seats are never uneven.

  • Brondell ecoseat S102 Dual-Temp Non electric 

If you want a non-electric seat that provides you with warm water too then choose this kit. You will get warm water and some extra parts and the rest is similar to Brondell eco seat S101.

  • Handheld bidet kits

These are very easy to install and take just 10 minutes to set this new bidet set.


Bidet converter kits are of different kinds and every kind has different options. You can select any of them as per your choice and need. The most recommended kits are those that have dual and extra nozzles and have a self-cleaning option. Warm water is an essential thing in winter so be careful while choosing your kit.

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