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Matching Pink two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls 2023

From our childhood, we have heard that pink is for girls and this is actually right. When it comes to girls they want everything in pink color whether it’s their dresses, rooms, or anything else. Girls’ obsession with this color is next level. Now girls love to decorate their rooms with pink color and for that, I have come up with matching pink two colour combination for bedroom walls ideas. You will see how you can mix pink with other colors and make your room look as per your choice. So let’s get into the details.

Matching Pink two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls:

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Though pink is for girls, it has the characteristic to settle with all other colors. when you are choosing darker pink paint other walls with lighter color and same when you are choosing a dark color for one of your walls go with a lighter shade of pink for the rest of the walls. Below I am going to share different combinations with the pink.

1- Pink with purple

Purple can be a great option with pink two color combinations for bedroom walls. if you will choose dark purple then it will combine best with mild pink. This can give a very princess vibe to your room if you will set the pink furniture and show pieces. Moreover light pink and light purple can give you a romantic and subtle ambiance.

2- Green with pink

Green is a very fresh and vibrant color; it can go well with pink. You have many choices in green color. You can choose mint green, olive green, and light green with peach pink. Always remember that dark colors can make your rooms look a bit smaller. So choose the colors according to your room’s size. If you are a nature lover and choose this combination then you can also add some plants outside of your room to give it a fresh look.

3- Yellow with pink

Yellow matching pink two colour combination for bedroom walls is a very great option for your rooms. These are very cool and happy colors and girls who love these colors can definitely go for this combination. This can also be used in the kid’s room. Mustard yellow is also a very nice color. You can use it in your hall area and combine it with peach pink furniture. It would look amazing.

4- Brown and Pink two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

Brown is such a nice color that goes beautifully with every other color. There are different light and dark shades in brown color. It is a kind of neutral color and when combined with other colors it gives a classy and royal look. You can combine dark brown with light pink as well as by keeping the walls pink you can use the brown-colored interior to give an ethereal effect to your place. Moreover, you can hang brown curtains.

5- Blue with pink Combination

Blue is a royal color and its combination with pink has continued in the past many times. Neon pink is a very great option with blue color. Pale blue is for the youngsters and neon pink with royal blue is for couples. If you want to make your room look cozy and spacious then choose the color combination wisely a matching pink two colour combination for bedroom walls with blue color is a very great idea.

6- Orange with pink

Girls are crazy about glamor and they love to see glamor everywhere. For their rooms, they can combine their favorite pink color with orange to give a vibrant and cozy effect. This is a very bright combination that will make your room look bigger. if we talk about furniture then with this combination go for white color. And yes if you choose a dark pink or dark orange color then your room would be nicest.


In this article, we have talked about matching pink two colour combination for bedroom walls. Pink is a really versatile color and gives a very fresh and bright look to your rooms. And the good thing is that it goes great with all colors. I hope you like this article.

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