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Modern low budget single floor house Design (2022)

Home is the only place where you find your peace and make thousands of memories. Every person wishes to make his own house and wants to give his family a good lifestyle. But in today’s world, everything is getting expensive, and making a separate house for one’s family is quite difficult.

But you can plan a single-story house on a low budget by keeping everything simple. You have to pay for the land and then design it with smart ideas. In this article, I will talk about low budget single floor house design. So let’s get into it.

Modern Low budget single floor house design:

low budget single floor house design

These are the best designs for people who can’t afford expensive houses. With a low budget, they can make houses for their family. It just requires the correct scheme and smart ideas. Below I am going to share some low budget single floor house design ideas.

1- L shaped low budget single floor house design

When it comes to low budget houses people mostly prefer 10 thousand square meter houses. Among these houses, L-shaped ones are the number one choice of people. This is easy to build and it can also leave some space for a garden or lawn. The house will be built in a rectangular shape.

2- Village house low budget single floor house design:

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If you live in a village and can’t afford an expensive house then for you we have a great idea. Make a house with bricks and don’t cement or paint it because in villages most of the houses are like this. When you will not paint it you can save that money as you don’t need to pay for labor. This village house low budget single floor house design is affordable and many people can make houses following this idea. This house can get ready in no time and bricks never go out of fashion.

3- Open deck house

Small house plans usually don’t have an area for a garden but now you can leave a space for a garden with open deck house designs. In this plan, you can make a terrace on the first floor. This terrace can provide you privacy as well you can get the fresh air in all seasons that will keep your house fresh. Moreover, you can do little parties in that little area.

4- 10 lakh budget house:

low budget single floor house design

There is attic space in some houses and most people utilize it as a bedroom. Attic space is basically a space between ceiling and roof. People make the roof of that space strong so it can be used as a room. They put a window and a bed then boom a small room for kids is ready. This is mostly seen in western countries but now in Asian countries, people are making this in low budget single floor house designs.

5- Attached houses

If you already have a small house and it has some extra space you can utilize it by making a low-budget single-floor house design. You just have to add three more walls and a roof then you can give it as a rent house. It will save you money and make a source of income for you.

6- Box and strips house

The easiest and cheapest way to create a house is the use wooden boxes. If you need a house and can’t afford cement and typical construction because you don’t have enough money then you don’t need to worry. There is a solution for you with Batten and Box construction you can use wooden blocks. These blocks can be very helpful in creating the walls and then putting them on a roof. Your house is ready and in the climate changes, you can build this house somewhere else.


House is a dream for every person but not all can afford to have it. In this regard, We have talked about modern low budget single floor house design. Above are some ideas of those houses. I hope you like this article.

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