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Top Best Village Single Floor Home Front Design in India

Every person wishes to make their own house but in todays’ world it is very difficult to make a house.  If you desire to make a house on a low budget then you are at the right place. We will talk about village single floor home front designs. In today’s world it is possible to make a low budget house. Nothing is better than owning a house. Let’s talk about some simple house designs that are affordable for every person.

Top Village Single Floor Home Front Design in India:

  • House designs with traditional elements 

People living in villages always add traditional elements in their house designs. When you are living in mountains, houses with traditional elements look so unique and interesting. In such a house you can add a wood roof and windows. 

  • Modern and minimal single house designs

You can achieve a luxury house look on a low budget by working smartly. If you want a traditional house and give a contemporary look then you can make huts as roofs with white paint on the walls. You can also use one single element with the correct combination of colors to make the front elevation of your house.

  • Architectural style for village houses

Many people of the village prefer the modern trend of architecture. If you have no issues in your budget then you can for sure choose this option. You can also add block heights and block placement.

Factors involved to stand out a Village Single Floor Home Front Design:

You just don’t need money to make your houses attractive and luxurious. It’s techniques and smart thinking that makes your houses look beautiful even on a low budget. 

1- Ornate fenestration 

Doors and windows are very important things that impart your elevation. If you want to give your house an appealing look then right placement and style of ornate fenestration can do this job. If you are not able to afford this element then you can use simple elements to make your houses attractive.

2- Additive elements 

If you are making budget friendly or luxury house elements  that can make your house look more attractive include porch, moldings, cut outs and material play. By adding columns you can also enhance the beauty of your village houses. The sensible decision at this point is right placement and balance of desired elements.

3- Addition of dynamic colors

Color selection is a very important aspect when you are making a village single floor home front design. Color holds emotions and when it comes to bold colors it makes a strong visual impact. But if you don’t like bold colors then you can choose any  subtle color combination that can attract people from far. 

4- Plot Size

The size of your plot is a key factor to manage the front elevation of your houses. Big plots can provide an opportunity to play around while small plots would have either horizontal or vertical impact depending on plot’s size.

5- Location

Geographical location of your village house can affect the front elevation. In a place where the climate is cold, you can’t go for a flat roof because you require good drainage of precipitation. 

6- Floor planning 

This factor can also affect the design of your house’s front elevation. If you choose living room and lounges for your house’s front space  then you require windows for privacy concerns.


Today we have shared ideas for those who want to give the house a simple yet elegant look. Village single floor home front design ideas are shared above and all technical ideas are also mentioned. You can opt for them to get a better house structure.

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