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Complete Guide to Italian Marble

People spend millions of rupees in making their house attractive and beautiful. Whenever we make a house we try our best to choose everything perfect for it. Whether its walls designing, ceiling decor or floor designing we want everything legit.

Many of you will agree with this fact. Today we are gonna talk about the Italian Marble that you can use in your house to make it more luxurious. There are different types and kinds that can blow your mind.  You would love to have those marble in your house to make your house magnificent. So what’re you waiting for? Let’s see the interesting details:

What is Italian marble?

Every country has some speciality that makes it famous around the globe. Italy is one of the unique countries that produces such fine quality marble. The most prominent names in this industry include Michelangelo and Donatello. Italy was the first country who had great extracting and refining skills that continue till today. No other country can make such marble and that’s a fact. Now let’s talk about different marbles produced by Italians.

  • Botticino Classic

This marble got its name from the origin where it was extracted. Botticino classic is a marble that is perfect for wall cladding and flooring. It is available in beige color with brown veins in it. If we talk about its pricing then it is 425 rupee per square foot.

  • Grey William Italian marble:

The Grey William type of Italian marble is perfect for modern sophisticated spaces. You can use it for your walls as well as for flooring. They cost 450 rupees per square foot.

  • Black Marquina 

Italian marble has modern designs in various colors and the most number one among them is black colored Marquina with white veins in it. This unique black velvety and rich marble is a great option for your kitchen , living rooms and for flooring too. It is not as expensive as the two types explained above. It is 350 rupees per square foot.

  • The Dark Emperador

Dark Emperador marble is available in versatile brown color that is a perfect option for your washroom flooring and walls. These add another dimension to the interior of your area where you use this marble. These are available for 300 rupees per square foot.

  • Royal Diana Marble Tiles

The name sounds interesting, right? Yes, like its name this Italian Marble is luxury that gives a premium look to your rooms. People choose this for flooring purpose.you might get worried because these look expensive but this is not the case these are for 280 rupees per square foot.

  • The Silver Portoro

Black color has a magic that attracts everyone towards it no matter what but black adds beauty in even ugly things. This Silver Portoro is a picture of our galaxy. Yes, the design is so elegant that it gives  us a view of the galaxy. When you use it as wall cladding it will look so appealing. It is the cheapest yet beautiful design that costs 180 rupees per square foot.

Why choose Italian marble?

It is considered the finest marble of the world. The way it is extracted and refined is phenomenal and you can’t find it anywhere. The main reason to choose it is its durability and high quality that gives your house a splendid appearance. If you wanna give your normal house a luxury look Italian marble is the number one choice. Each type has its own characteristic and also includes some of its geographical aspects.

Indian marble VS Italian marble

There are three main points that distinguish Italian stones from Indian marble and these are:

  • Durability 

The Indian marble is quite thicker than the Italian one but it totally depends on you how you protect your marble.

  • Appearance

Indian marble is not attractive at all whereas the italian one has shining sheen that grabs people’s attention.

  • Pricing

Italian marble is imported and is of rich quality that’s why it is more expensive than Indian marble.

Concluding remarks:

Choosing a superior quality marble is a very smart decision because in today’s world it is not possible to make new houses again and again. So we should invest money in good things in the first place. Italian marble and all related information is discussed above/. I hope you like them.

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